Joint Booth Enabled Fruitful Networking and Discussion

10.02.2015 | id:138015

OE-A and its members exhibited together in a joint booth at Printable Electronics / Nanotech / Convertech 2015

The joint booth was a great success. It was the first time that OE-A, JAPERA (Japan Advanced Printed Electronics Technology Research Association) and AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) got together at Printable Electronics / Convertech / Nanotech to present a large booth of printed electronics at Tokyo Big Sight during the last week of January. More than 47,600 visitors attended the exhibition and conference.

Six OE-A member companies were part of the booth. Coatema, nanograde, Novasep, Printed Electronics Limited, Thinfilm and VTT exhibited at the trade show. Of course, LOPEC and the OE-A had a space in the booth as well. The exhibitors took the chance to make contacts and to network with Japanese representatives of companies dealing with organic and printed electronics.

In addition, the OE-A hosted a seminar on "Organic and Printed Electronics Applications" at the tradeshow on January 30, 2015. More than 100 people attended the seminar which demonstrates the great interest in the technology, the OE-A and its members. The presentations were on manufacturing processes and printing techniques, modern inks and their way from lab to industrial scale, and finally, where and when to use printed electronics. The discussions afterwards were very fruitful as well.

Are you interested in exhibiting at our joint booth next year? Please contact Dr Klaus Hecker, OE-A:

Source of the image : OE-A