Conference Programme 2013 - LOPE-C Defines State of the Art in Printed Electronics

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Speakers from 28 countries will be giving over 180 individual presentations. In the various components of the conference, participants from business, technology and research will all find topics relevant to their particular interest. The Head of Lighting at AUDI will be opening the plenary sessions with a presentation on their experience with OLEDs and car manufacturers' requirements for printed electronics. Mass production of organic photovoltaics is among the topics in the Technical Conference. The high international relevance of "new electronics" is clearly reflected in the presentations at the Business Conference, such as "Market opportunities for printed electronics in China" or "Printed Electronics in Brazil – a rapidly growing market". The University of California, Berkeley (USA), is presenting new projects at the Scientific Conference. The 90-minute short courses on the first day are intended to provide initial insight into the range of topics relating to printed electronics. In parallel, manufacturers will be presenting at the exhibition the latest developments in this flexible, cost-effective technology of the future, eminently suitable for making mass-market products. LOPE-C will be held from 11 to 13 June in Munich.

Plenary Session

In the opening presentation of the plenary sessions, Stephan Berlitz, Head of Lighting at AUDI AG, will report on how organic LEDs (OLEDs) have been used so far at AUDI. He draws a comparison between OLEDs and LEDs and gives us his views on future developments.

As far as materials are concerned, "graphene" is the keyword in printed electronics: It could become the miracle material of the 21st century. The European Commission is supporting the "Graphene" project with one billion euro over ten years as a FET flagship initiative for revolutionary  scientific research. Dr. Irina Grigorieva, Director of the North West Nanoscience Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Manchester and a member of the 2010 Nobel Prize-winning team explains what makes this material so special, what its useful properties are and which kinds of applications already exist today.

Other lectures are being given by representatives of leading companies, such as CDT, Heraeus Precious Metals, PolyIC, Thin Film Electronics and Prof. Dr. Bernard Kippelen of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Business Conference

The Business Conference examines the economics of organic and printed electronics. A separate session deals with the topic of building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). Speakers include Dr. James Buntaine, CTO of CSEM Brazil, who will give a presentation on "Printed Electronics in Brazil, an Exciting Growth Market".

The international importance of new electronics will be addressed by speakers including Prof. Zheng Cui, Director of the Suhhou Institute of Nanotech (China), with a presentation on "Technology development and market opportunity of printed electronics in China".

The complete program of the Business Conference and Investor Forum is available at

Technical Conference

While the Business Conference will deal with current concrete applications and the rapid market growth, guest speakers from industry and academia will explain at the Technical Conference the technological developments and the state of the art with regard to mass production. Frederik C. Krebs, Professor at the Technical University of Denmark, DTU Energy Conversion, will be looking at the field of building-integrated photovoltaics from the viewpoint of "Mass production of OPV for solar parks and bulk energy production."

In addition to the specific OLED implementation examples at AUDI in the Plenary Session, the presentation "Illumination with OLED - first steps towards rational performance" by Dr. Dietrich Bertram, General Manager of Philips Technology, will focus on the future developments. Dr. ToshihikoIwasaki, Manager OLED Lighting Business Center at KONICA MINOLTA ADVANCED LAYERS, will give a presentation on "Recent Progress on high-performance OLED Technologies for Lighting Applications".

A separate session will deal exclusively with the subject of Touch Screens and Surfaces.

The entire lecture program of the Technical Conference, including  contributions from Dr. Octavio Trovarelli, Director of Process Engineering at Plastic Logic (UK), Martin Schoeppler, President & CEO of FUJIFILM Dimatix (USA) and Prof. Richard Hague, Director and Head of the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Additive Manufacturing, and Head of Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Research Group (UK), is available at

Scientific Conference

Scientists and developers from around the world submitted papers for the Scientific Conference. A high-level international panel has selected speakers from the submissions which deal, inter alia, with the development of specific application fields, such as energy storage devices and applications, displays and display devices, sensor technologies and photovoltaic devices.

The University of California, Berkeley (USA), Merck Chemicals in the UK and the Holst Centre in the Netherlands will all be presenting projects.

All presentations at the Scientific Conference can be retrieved from

On 12 June, an interactive poster session will be held from 18:00 - 20:00 with 65 presentations providing additional information.

Short Courses

On the first day of LOPE-C, experts from industry and academia will be giving 90-minute introductory lectures about technologies and applications, for example about components, functional materials, printing techniques and production processes as well as displays.

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Verstraelen, Sophie Isabel
Verstraelen, Sophie Isabel