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We would like to address both individuals already active in and individuals entering the field of large area, organic and printed electronics at the various educational institutions. The community, especially the emerging industry, will be able to recruit highly qualified students and employees trained in the areas of emerging markets such as low-cost and large area electronics.

These activities in training and education are developed in close cooperation with several EC-funded projects (PRODI, PolyNet, PolyMap, FlexNet).

Objectives of the OE-A Working Group Education

A key objective of the Working Group Education is to list the state-of-the-art university activities in the field of large area, organic and printed electronics in Europe, North America and Asia. This will contribute to future steps, such as:

- identifying publicly available courses and needs of the organic and printed electronics industry
- and providing information on continuing education on a web portal.

The Working Group Education meets regularly along the European OE-A Working Group Meetings. Please find the dates here.

OE-A Education Platform

The OE-A Working Group Education started a platform to connect OE-A member companies with students in this field. The company profiles include the respective activities, the options offered (internships, Bachelor or Master theses, or PhD programs), as well as relevant contact persons. Please find the platform here.


20% discount on the book “Organic and Printed Electronics: Fundamentals and Applications”

OE-A members exclusively receive a 20% discount on the printed version of the book “Organic and Printed Electronics: Fundamentals and Applications” by Giovanni Nisato, Donald Lupo, and Simone Ganz – evolved out of the OE-A Working Group Education.

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If you are interested in joining the Working Group Training and Education please contact:

Dr. Jan Bernards, Fontys University

Dr. Robert Lindner, OE-A:


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Verstraelen, Sophie Isabel
Verstraelen, Sophie Isabel