LOPE-C 2012 - Organic and Printed Electronics Offers Solutions for Industrial and Consumer Systems

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22.05.2012 - Organic and printed electronics is evolving as an attractive technology platform for comprehensive system solutions. LOPE-C 2012 offers a comprehensive overview of market-ready products and the trends of industrial research and development. LOPE-C 2012 takes place June 19 to 21 in Munich, Germany.

Leading the way are extremely lightweight, flexible, and energy-efficient touch screens for smartphones and "intelligent packaging" techniques for consumer goods. These exciting developments are at the center of the 4th international exhibition and conference, LOPE-C.

With more than 100 exhibitors from 17 countries signed up, LOPE-C 2012 (Large-area, Organic and Printed Electronics Convention) is adding further strength to its undisputed top position as the largest and most important exhibition and conference of organic and printed electronics worldwide. Compared to last year's event the show floor will be enlarged by 40 percent. Highly regarded research organizations such as Fraunhofer Society, Acreo AB and Holst Centre will participate and leading commercial vendors such as PolyIC, Plextronics, FUJIFILM Dimatix, Thinfilm Electronics, und Suna Tech will exhibit at the Munich event.

LOPE-C represents the industry's entire value chain - from academic research to industrial design to marketable product. This year, both industrial and consumer-oriented applications will be at the center of attention: organic solar cells and sensors, OLED displays and OLED lighting, ultra-flat data memories and printed batteries, all seamlessly integrated as enablers of novel products. Also on view are robust and lightweight touch screens for smart mobile devices, as well as home entertainment and in-car infotainment systems. An exciting outlook on the future of organic electronics is exemplified by networks of smart objects, which act autonomously and communicate with their hosts by radio.

LOPE-C 2012 has a clear focus on integrated system solutions. It addresses the industrial users of the new kind of lightweight and flexible yet robust, energy- and cost-efficient micro-electronics. Organic and printed electronics is evolving as a broad-based technology platform. It complements classic silicon technology by offering embedded electronic functionalities in a variety of household goods and gadgets, vehicles, building facades, and textiles. They come with environmental sensors and indicators, as well as their own integrated power generators.

"LOPE-C is the main event of OE-A", said Wolfgang Mildner, General Manager of PolyIC and Chair of LOPE-C 2012. OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association), together with Messe München, is the sponsor of the event, which was initiated just four years ago. "LOPE-C shows everything that is already available on the market in terms of products and production processes. At the same time, the show expresses our vision of future research and development."

A LOPE-C 2012 exhibitor, PolyIC is showcasing its conductive yet optically transparent organic layer materials for touch screens and solar cells. Mildner: "Another core topic at LOPE-C 2012 is intelligent packaging of mass-produced goods".

'Intelligent packaging' features multi-functional imprints or labels with integrated temperature or humidity sensors, plus interactive touch displays, plus their own energy supplies, be they printed batteries or energy harvesters dwelling on their surroundings as a resource. Advanced packaging can document a food product's state of freshness, or its brand authenticity by linking it by radio to the manufacturer's distribution channel in real time.

Thinfilm fully-printed rewritable memory is available commercially, and is now available both as 20-bit single-line memories and in bit-scalable arrays. At LOPE-C, prototype samples of an addressable array that includes printed logic for reading and writing to the memory will also be shown. This addressable array can be extended to fully printed systems that include sensors, displays and batteries. Printed sensor systems are currently under development by Thinfilm and its ecosystem partners.

An excellent indicator of the vivid evolutionary flow of organic electronics, which is clearly visible at LOPE-C 2012, is organic photovoltaics. OPV excels by low weight and inherent flexibility. Here, the German firm Heliatek recently set a new efficiency record of 10.7 percent.

Netherlands-based Holst Centre too is engaged in the topic of OPV. It also does research on bright OLED lighting devices. At an active area of just under 70 square centimeters, they realize an efficacy of 30 lumens per watt, at a luminosity of 1000 candelas per square centimeter. This is up to three times better than the good old light bulb. Also active in this promising field is US manufacturer Plextronics, pioneering and producing novel materials and components for OLED lighting.

Another LOPE-C 2012 highlight: Swedish research organization Acreo AB will demonstrate its electro-chromic display technology and show samples of smart-card applications.

In sum, LOPE-C 2012 offers a unique, user-oriented perspective of organic and printed electronics as a basic industrial innovation platform. It enables the manufacturers of all kinds of objects of daily use to embed them with exciting new functionalities, which were until recently absolutely unimaginable. Probably the most popular items might be smart textiles equipped with integrated sensors, displays and solar cells. LOPE-C's high-level conference program discusses the latest technology trends and presents model applications from innovative system solution vendors.

For the detailed LOPE-C conference program, including the speakers' list, please visit the LOPE-C website.

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LOPE-C (Large-area, Organic & Printed Electronics Convention) is the world's leading conference and exhibition for organic and printed electronics. LOPE-C presents economic trends and scientific advances from right across the field and focuses in the exhibition on manufacturing and applications. The new partnership between the OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) and Messe München International networks industrial users of organic and printed electronics with the leading international trade fairs electronica und productronica. LOPE-C is organized jointly by the OE-A and Messe München GmbH. www.lope-c.com

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Verstraelen, Sophie Isabel
Verstraelen, Sophie Isabel