Press Release: Organic and Printed Electronics Industry expects an increase of 18 percent in sales revenue

17.11.2015 | id:245666

Frankfurt, Germany, November 17, 2015 – It has become apparent that nearly 80 percent of the OE-A Business Climate Survey participants expect a significant increase in sales revenue in the printed electronics industry.  The positive results of the fourth survey were announced during the 36th OE-A Working Group Meeting – hosted by OE-A members Ceradrop and ISORG – in Limoges, France.

The biannual OE-A Business Climate Survey sheds light upon the anticipated growth of the Organic and Printed Electronics industry. Each time, all OE-A members – from material suppliers to end-users – are asked to provide qualitative data on the state of the industry and expected development of sales.

A prosperous outlook for organic and printed electronics
Also this time, the survey brought insightful information on the Organic and Printed Electronics industry. For the industry, 2015 will be a very successful year as they foresee their sales revenue to grow with 13 percent. This is an increase of 2 percentage points compared to the last survey, implemented earlier this year. With an expected average increase in sales revenue of 18 percent in 2016, the survey participants furthermore strongly believe that this positive trend continues, and this along the entire value chain as well as in all regions.

OE-A members especially focus on the major industries Consumer Electronics, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Automotive and Energy. “These industries continue to play an important role as they use more and more the organic and printed electronics technology in various (end-)products. And with good reason, as the positive characteristics of this innovative technology – ranging from ultra-thin and lightweight, to freeform and economical – enables countless application possibilities of which wearables are a perfect example”, says OE-A Chairman Jeremy Burroughes.


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Organic and Printed Electronics Industry expects an increase of 18% in sales revenue for 2016.  For this year participants of the OE-A Business Climate Survey anticipate an increase of 13%.
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