History of the OE-A Toolbox

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History of the OE-A Toolbox
Organic and printed electronics stands for a revolutionary new way of electronics: thin, lightweight, flexible and produced at low cost. These unique characteristics make this technology suitable for single use devices and new applications.

Demonstrator Working Group
In order to illustrate the potential of this emerging technology and to foster the cooperation among its members, the OE-A started the “Demonstrator” project in 2005. Since the Demonstrator Working Group was formed in the same year, an increasing number of project teams have worked together on a variety of demonstrators.

OE-A Toolbox for Organic and Printed Electronics
To bring these projects to the next level, the OE-A Demonstrator Working Group started to develop the "OE-A Toolbox for Organic and Printed Electronics" in 2010. The Toolbox includes currently more than 35 organic and printed electronics devices from different OE-A member companies and is regularly being expanded. As a result, the Toolbox represents the state-of-the-art of organic and printed electronic components.

The Toolbox Catalogue
Besides the Toolbox, the Demonstrator Working Group also developed the “Toolbox Catalogue”. The catalogue contains a data sheet for each device in the Toolbox with technical specifications and contact information of the producer.

Please note: The OE-A Toolbox is not for sale. If you are interested in devices from the OE-A Toolbox, please contact the producer directly.

OE-A Competition
In the year 2010, the OE-A started a competition for young engineers and scientists to develop visionary applications based on organic and printed electronics – the “OE-A Demonstrator Competition”.  The participants had the chance to develop their visions by providing organic and printed electronics devices as illustrated in the Toolbox. Since then, the competition has become more and more successful and has been further developed.

In 2015 the Demonstrator Competition was renamed into “OE-A Competition” in order to draw attention to the fact that the technology has undergone huge developments in the past few years and is now ready for the market. The OE-A still offers student groups as well as companies and designers the opportunity to develop their vision by providing organic and printed electronics devices from the Toolbox.

Download the OE-A Toolbox Catalogue.

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