In Japan, OE-A and its members witnessed a promising start of the year 2016 for the printed electronics industry

02.02.2016 | id:275782

During the last week of January, the organic and printed electronics industry met in Tokyo, Japan to present and discuss advanced technologies, trends, and applications at Printable Electronics 2016, co-located with the world’s largest nanotechnology show Nanotech, Japan. This international exhibition and conference provided its broad range of participants with an overview of the next generation devices, such as fine printing technology as well as flexible and conductive materials.

OE-A seminar on Organic and Printed Electronics Applications & joint booth
The OE-A and its members –Sumitomo Chemical, Coatema, Kroenert, Heliatek, Printed Electronics Ltd, and Genes’Ink among others – exhibited the latest organic and printed electronic technologies and products at their joint exhibition booth. Visitors were especially interested in new applications such as wearables as well as new production processes and materials.
OE-A’s seminar on “Organic and Printed Electronics Applications”, which took place at Printable Electronics 2016 on January 29, proved to be very interesting for its participants. Various experts presented actual developments in materials, equipment, production and applications in the field of this state-of-the-art technology. One of the highlights was the presentation by Dr. Neil Chilton from Printed Electronics Ltd – he explained which products already make use of printed electronics and which opportunities are enabled through this technology. This and more will be further elaborated on in the next OE-A Roadmap which is planned to be issued in spring 2017.

Joint OE-A & JAPERA networking event
Furthermore, the OE-A made use of this opportunity to , together with JAPERA (Japan Advanced Printed Electronics Technology Research Association), organize a networking event for all of their members where they met renowned leaders of the Japanese industry. It was a very successful event, attended by over 70 participants.