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09.03.2016 | id:290222

LOPEC 2016 Demo Line lets you experience the live production of printed electronics

Also this year LOPEC will give all its visitors, from manufacturers to users of printed electronic components, a perfect opportunity to gather information about the production process of organic and printed electronics by seeing the machinery in operation. On April 06 and 07, the Demo Line will demonstrate the process of printing hundreds of electronic elements in different layers onto film and paper in just a few hours’ time.

These live-produced electroluminescent devices will be integrated into an example of active packaging in the form of a cube, of which one side displays illuminated logos and texts when voltage is applied. This technology can be used to create radiant patterns and lines as well as fully illuminated displays. Multiple thin layers of conductive and electroluminescent materials are printed on plastic film or special paper that are then encapsulated.

Printed electronics for smart packaging
Because these electronic components have the unique characteristics of organic and printed electronics – thin, lightweight, flexible, and robust – they can be integrated directly into various applications. Electroluminescent patterns, lines, blinking logos, and dots can be used in the packaging and advertising industry, for example. Through illumination, packaging and brochures will stand out and differentiate themselves from the crowd. This technology can therefore complement a very interesting marketing strategy.

The LOPEC Demo Line is a unique initiative of OE-A members, coordinated by the Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems, with demonstrator and process development by the Institute of Printing Science and Technology at Technische Universität Darmstadt. The companies participating in the 2016 Demo Line are: adphos Digital Printing, ALTANA, Bosch Rexroth, Coatema Coating Machinery, Exakt Advanced Technologies, Felix Schoeller, Genes'Ink, Green Graphics Trading, GT+W, Heraeus, KelennTechnology, and NovaCentrix. These companies, representing the entire value chain, come together to join efforts in further developing emerging technologies as well as producing innovative products – and this in the challenging environment of an exhibition hall.

If you want to experience the live production of electroluminescence, then visit the Demo Line at LOPEC 2016 and pick up your personalized demonstrator!