OE-A successfully presented organic and printed electronics to the printing and packaging industry at drupa 2016

13.06.2016 | id:331301

Some 260,000 visitors from 188 countries have visited drupa 2016, of which a high-level, diverse and foremost international part approached the OE-A to find out more about this emerging technology. Hundreds of experts from the printing and packaging industry visited our exhibition booth as well as attended the OE-A presentations at the dip! Innovation Park and the OE-A seminars at the drupa Cube. Also people entirely new to the field showed a great interest.

Drawn by the numerous blinking and shining printed electronics applications, the curious visitors coming from all corners of the world expressed their enormous interest in this innovative technology. Set in the characteristic orange-colored environment, products integrated with the organic and printed electronics technology were demonstrated to the crowd. The OE-A exhibition booth showcased all aspects of printed electronics, from research, materials and production techniques to end-products. This time the focus lay especially on interactive, smart packaging, matching the key focus of drupa.  

Especially brand-owners and end-users from, among others, the packaging and publishing industry showed great enthusiasm and were amazed with the endless possibilities organic and printed electronics has to offer. Electroluminescence, OLED lighting, NFC and RFID labels, thin and flexible batteries, etc. etc. – these industrial users already envisioned all these various technologies in their applications and products.

The packaging industry is looking for (even) more appealing ways to present products to the potential buyers. The points of sales (POS) is a very important factor to take into account here. Blinking, interactive and smart packaging connected to the internet of things (IoT) triggers a higher attractiveness, especially in times where stores have to compete with online shops. Here is where the organic and printed electronics technology steps in. This was a key message from OE-A members during the OE-A seminars at the drupa cube.

Although great developments have been made in the past few years, this technology is still a relatively young one. There are still some challenges to overcome in order to find organic and printed electronic applications in mass production. This is however something the OE-A and its members is working on, with the next outcomes to be published in the 7th edition of the OE-A Roadmap which will be launched at LOPEC 2017 (March 28-30).

Overall OE-A’s participation at drupa 2016 exceeded all expectations and we are already looking forward to represent the international organic and printed electronics industry at drupa 2020, June 23 – July 03!

Have a look at an overview of when and where OE-A and its members were at drupa. Live updates from OE-A’s presence at drupa 2016 can be found at our Twitter channel: @OEAonline

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