OE-A members met in the UK to discuss printed electronics in the world of Internet of Things and Smart Packaging

05.07.2016 | id:339833

On June 28-29, 2016 OE-A members met in Sedgefield / Durham, UK during the 38th OE-A Working Group Meeting. Around 90 international participants were present at CPI's (Centre for Process Innovation) headquarters, the OE-A member which hosted this event.

The special topic of OE-A’s Working Group Meeting was “Internet of Things & Smart Packaging”, focussing especially on how organic and printed electronics enables these applications.

During this OE-A meeting, the various OE-A Working Groups gathered to discuss new findings as well as to evaluate processes and define the next steps to be taken. Furthermore, there was a presentation on the “Impact of Legislation on Printed Electronics for Packaging”, based on the report by market research company Smithers PIRA, commissioned by CPI, and led by Project SCOPE. The current legislative landscape for printed electronics for packaging was discussed and the areas of concern, end-of-life/recycling and legislation, were highlighted. In addition there were presentations by end-user companies ARM on “Accelerating the opportunities within IoT devices”, Beko on “Recent technology developments and potential opportunities in domestic appliances”, and GSK on “Lifecycle Management-Leveraging Technology and Innovation”.
Besides that, new OE-A members and guests introduced themselves, and a special networking event took place at Durham’s cathedral.

For more information, please contact daria.firlus@oe-a.org