OE-A members defining TOLAE funding priorities for the European Commission’s Work Programme 2018-2020

24.08.2016 | id:357507

Integrated solutions and functional systems, Smart packaging, and OPV & OPD are the three major topics.

The European Commission is currently preparing the ICT Work Programme for 2018, 2019 and 2020 under the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020. Within this scope, OE-A was asked to submit a position paper on TOLAE (Thin, Organic, and Large Area Electronics).

OE-A started this process in February of this year with an online survey among all its members on their priorities regarding future funding of TOLAE. Concurrently, OE-A membership was asked for volunteers who actively want to participate in the prioritization process. During LOPEC 2016, the volunteers met in Munich, Germany, to discuss the results of the online survey, to condense the topics and to eventually draft a position paper.
During this meeting, OE-A members identified three major topics:

  • Integrated solutions and functional systems
  • Smart packaging
  • OPV & OPD (organic photovoltaics & organic photodetectors)

Based on these, a core group drafted several position papers. For OPV & OPD, the paper was also aligned with a similar document drafted within Photonics21.

Subsequently, OE-A’s position on these topics was presented to the European Commission during the TOLAE Open Consultation Meeting held on June 15 in Frankfurt, Germany. The meeting, co-hosted by the EC, OE-A, and Photonics21, served as a consultation of its stakeholders with the aim of collecting input and advice to help EC DG Connect define the ICT Work Programme text for 2018, 2019 and 2020 for the TOLAE area. OE-A members and other attendees were given the opportunity to present their view on and priorities regarding TOLAE.

The finalized OE-A TOLAE position paper will be available on the OE-A website and will be submitted to the European Commission in September. This paper provides insights for the EC on the priorities of the community regarding TOLAE funding.

For questions, please contact constanze.ranfeld@oe-a.org