OE-A launches Sustainability Working Group

21.10.2016 | id:375630

Recognizing the relevance of sustainability in the organic and printed electronics industry

One of the highlights of the OE-A Working Group Meeting Frankfurt, Germany in October, 2016 was the official launch of the OE-A Working Group Sustainability. As the Organic and Printed Electronics industry moves into commercialization, the OE-A believes that sustainability is an increasingly important topic –that concerns our members, our stakeholders and the public. It is important that we look at our products and processes to identify how efficiently they are made, how well we use the materials with which we construct them and how well they use power and other consumables when in operation. Then, when the devices come to the end of their lifetime, we need to identify how they can be recycled or dealt with in a sustainable manner. The mission of the OE-A Working Group Sustainability is therefore “to identify and fully understand the sustainability benefits of organic and printed electronics technology, emphasizing its contribution to a sustainable future in an open dialogue with key stakeholders, the markets, regulators and wider society”.

The OE-A furthermore aims to understand the key changes in regulations that will affect the industry in the short, medium and long term and how they will harmonize with the benefits of organic and printed electronics. As part of this work we will develop better understanding of the life cycles for different products and market segments. Moreover, the OE-A would like to provide the organic and printed electronics community with information, guidelines and methodologies that allow members to understand the sustainability of their own products and processes.

The two key areas of work will focus on:
►    The regulatory landscape for our products and processes and how this might be changing
►    The sustainability of our products and processes using a Life Cycle Analysis approach

This working group is led by Spokesperson Dr. Jon Helliwell (Director of Printable Electronics, CPI) and Vice-Spokesperson Dr. Michael Korell (Project Manager, Evonik), as well as Sophie Isabel Verstraelen (Project Manager) from the OE-A side.

For more information, please contact sophie.verstraelen@oe-a.org