The future of functional and industrial print as well as of high-barrier films and coatings for printed electronics mapped out

21.10.2016 | id:375656

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Smithers Pira recently released two reports which are of great interest to the Organic and Printed Electronics Industry.
In its new report The Future of High-Barrier Films and Coatings for Printed Electronics to 2021 Smithers Pira critically analyses a market worth $62 million and accounting for five million square metres in 2016. This will rise at a CAGR of 26% by value and 39% by volume to create a market worth $192 million and 27 million square metres in 2021. In 2016 the core markets by value for barrier films are quantum dot enhanced displays, followed by the rigid OLED displays used in mobile smart devices. By 2021 the latter markets will have transitioned to flexible OLED displays creating an onus on new performance barrier solutions. The Future of Functional and Industrial Print to 2020 shows how applications like antennas, displays, photovoltaics and circuitry has pushed a market valued at €5 billion in 2010 to €24 billion in 2016. Through to 2020 Smithers forecasts a year-on-year market value increase of 13.9% for printed electronics, as opposed to 9.9% for the functional print market as a whole.

Exclusive 15% discount for OE-A members
As partner of the OE-A, Smithers Pira offers an exclusive 15% discount for OE-A members on its market and scoping reports.

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