Successful 25th North American OE-A Working Group meeting in Santa Clara, CA.

17.11.2016 | id:376146

Well over 50 OE-A members engaged in interactive discussions on printed electronics while expanding their network.

The OE-A successfully held its 25th North
American Working Group meeting in Santa Clara, CA. on November 15, 2016. The attendees took advantage of this great opportunity to expand their global network in the U.S. and to meet a diverse group of companies from North America, Europe and Asia in Silicon Valley. Hosted by OE-A member FUJIFILM Dimatix, the event focused on “Innovative Applications for Inkjet Printing”.

As one of the founding OE-A members, FUJIFILM Dimatix is a seasoned veteran at hosting OE-A meetings. Highlights of the meeting included the various presentations by industry experts. Martin Schoeppler, CEO of FUJIFILM Dimatix mentioned that "Textiles and Packagaing are the next big things for Inkjet", while his colleague, Lou Dadok, Business Development Manager at FUJIFILM Dimatix, expressed that "There's a lot of room and opportunity for growth in Printed Electronics". These positive messages confirm the expected continuous development of the organic and printed electronics industry (see also the article "The Organic and Printed Electronics Industry expects an increase of 17 percent in sales revenue in 2017").

Another highlight was a facility tour of FUJIFILM Dimatix along with a visit to the FUJIFILM Open Innovation Hub in Santa Clara. Attendees experienced the testing and assembly of finished MEMS inkjet printheads in the front end fab as well as a grey room tour of the clean room production fab for silicon MEMS. In the FUJIFILM Corporate Open Innovation Hub, the group explored the new customer center displaying FUJIFILM technologies such as functional films and coatings, lens manufacturing technology, ultrasound imaging, magnetic storage media, healthcare and biotech. Finally, since the event was held in California, OE-A members and guests used the opportunity to engage in networking conversations with each other over a glass of local wine followed by dinner at Testarossa Winery.

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