OE-A Sessions at CES in Las Vegas Draw a Crowd

13.01.2017 | id:405681

The future of consumer electronics includes printed and flexible technologies

Over 200 representatives of various different sectors and industries – ranging from automotive, aerospace, and defense, to medical, beauty products, hard- and software providers, EMS, material and equipment manufacturers – attended the OE-A sessions on printed electronics at CES 2017.
The OE-A organized the track “Printed Electronics: Enabling the Future” on Friday, January 06. The sessions highlighted the following:

  • Printed Electronics: Key Enabling Technology for IoT
  • Printed Electronics Applied in Automotive
  • Printed Electronics Advancing Healthcare & Wearable Innovations

The attendees saw how printed and flexible technologies are already utilized in a variety of products, with many more releases coming in the near future. Adoption of these technologies is being driven by numerous benefits – ranging from low-cost and robust to light-weight, flexible, and thin. Special focus was given to the integration of this innovative technology into consumer electronics, to prompt additional collaboration between the consumer product industry and the technology developers. This cooperation will eventually lead to the optimization of existing products as well as to the development of new ones.

Learn more about the OE-A sessions at CES 2017 or read the press release “Printed Electronics – Technology of the future, now in daily life”.

The 13 OE-A member speakers were very enthusiastic about the high turnout and the engagement with the audience. "It was great to see the full house at the inaugural printed and flexible electronics session at CES 2017", says Stan Farnsworth, Chief Marketing Officer NovaCentrix and OE-A Vice Chair North America. “The audience questions reflected the range of applications these technologies are impacting. At future CES events we’ll see additional products incorporating these technologies across wearables, IoT, automotive, and other applications”. Simon Jones, Commercial Director FlexEnable, could not agree more: “It looked to me like a great success and I appreciated being a part of it”.

The OE-A members that were present at CES showcased their innovative products and technologies, from organic photovoltaics for building facades by Heliatek and 12.1” glass-free flexible OLCD by FlexEnable, to smart labels by Thinfilm and OLED taillights by OSRAM OLED. They were all very pleased with the high interest they received from the CES visitors and appreciated the opportunity to connect with such a broad industry audience. Dr Nina Riegel, Innovation Manager OSRAM OLED, says “We are going to bring flexible OLEDs on the road by 2020”. Jones furthermore emphasized that “Organic semiconductors now have better performance than amorphous silicon unlocking many new opportunities for organic solutions.”

OE-A’s presence at CES 2017 was very fruitful and it looks like a promising future for the application of printed electronics in the consumer electronics industry and beyond.

For more information, please contact constanze.ranfeld@oe-a.org