Best Prototype / New Product 2017

02.04.2017 | id:444509

And the winner is...

This sensor platform is designed for role-to-role processes to demonstrate the ability to produce a complex printed label with electrical functionality. For automated production it is designed to be self-adhesive to achieve “economy of scale”. The data on the NFC sensor tag are obtained with an app running on a mobile phone. Due to the battery it can be used as data logger, without the battery it is still usable as a real-time sensor.
This product is targeted to customers who want to get instantly data from a sensor whenever they read it via NFC (solution without battery) as well as to customers who need to log data collected by a sensor over a period of time and want to read this data per NFC (solution with battery).

The following organic and printed electronics devices were used in the demonstrator:

  • Printed Ag circuitry and contact pads
  • Printed NFC antenna
  • Printed transparent organic tamper proof seal
  • Printed organic insulation layer

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Verstraelen, Sophie Isabel
Verstraelen, Sophie Isabel