Best Publicly Funded Project Demonstrator 2017

02.04.2017 | id:444575

And the winner is...

The proposed demonstrator is an innovative, fully printed, large-area and low-cost integrated Xray sensor system, developed in the framework of the European funded project “i-Flexis”. It offers real time, direct X-Ray detection, so direct conversion of X-Ray photon into an electrical signal, and room temperature operation. It is designed to be used in a medical environment. This thin and conformable system can be positioned on the area to be examined by X-ray allowing direct measurement of the X-ray dose received by the patient/ personnel on the location where the X-ray beam enters the skin. It offers a real-time alert when the dose exceed the danger level. This system is conformable and bendable, as it is fully printed on flexible plastic substrate. Moreover, it is quite optically transparent, as the substrate is a plastic foil, the materials are used in thin layers and the printed metal interconnects are small patterns. This grants a very low visibility of the system. The demonstrator is portable, due to its very low weight (a few grams), its conformable properties and the low power supply needed.
The system can be employed as dosimeter for patients during health diagnostic analyses (e.g. mammography, breast radiography) as well as during therapies (e.g. radiotherapy). Moreover, the proposed electronic module can be fixed on the surgeon/X-ray facility manipulator. The experience achieved by surgeons in the interventional surgery has demonstrated that during this intervention the most exposed body parts of the surgeons/manipulators are the hands.

The following organic and printed electronics devices were used in the demonstrator:

  • Printed x-ray sensor
  • Printed circuitry
  • Printed interconnects

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