OE-A's Key Activities

25.07.2017 | id:489518

The OE-A offers many activities to further strengthen and develop the organic and printed electronics industry. Additionally, OE-A members are supported in meaningful ways and provided with numerous exclusive benefits.

  • International networking & communication platform – Fostering collaboration and promoting information exchange among all international players along the entire value chain.
  • Market & technology information – Projecting the industry’s growth, providing a forecast for the main application areas and technologies, as well as identifying hurdles yet to be overcome.
  • Research & development – Defining R&D funding programs, supporting and coordinating industrial R&D, and organizing projects that develop and demonstrate the various application possibilities.
  • Education & training – Developing education and training programs that meet the industry’s needs, relying heavily on the input of industry experts.
  • Standardization – Supporting international standardization processes as well as developing dedicated guidelines for device characterization and testing methods.
  • Global visibility – Promoting the innovations and developments in the industry through a multitude of media outlets and participation in events.
  • Advocacy & funding – Representing the industry and its interests at national and regional governments, as well as within bodies of the European Commission.


More information can be found in the OE-A Brochure.