A week full of Printed Electronics activities in China

05.09.2017 | id:503069

OE-A Working Group meeting and various events in the Changzhou/Shanghai area for you to take part in on October 23-27 

The OE-A knows how important it is to expand your network internationally, also in Asia. There are unique opportunities coming up in October to exchange the latest developments of printed electronics and to network with the finest experts of this industry. Join the OE-A at its meeting for the first time in China!

8th OE-A Asian Working Group Meeting 
On October 23, 2017 the OE-A organizes its 8th Asian Working Group Meeting in Changzhou, China. Hosted by the Changzhou Institute of Printed Electronics Industry (CZIPEI) and supported by the Printed Electronics and Intelligent Packaging Consortium (PEIPC) as well as the Industry Association of Printed Electronics (IAPE), the meeting includes various presentations on smart packaging by end-user companies such as YUTO Packaging and Jinjia Group. An overview of the Chinese printed electronics landscape is also provided. Furthermore, there will be a company tour to CZIPEI, Printed Electronics Co., Ltd. as well as a networking dinner. 
International Smart Packaging Symposium
Following OE-A’s meeting, on October 24, 2017 the ‘International Smart Packaging Symposium’ will take place in Changzhou, China. Organized by CZIPEI, the OE-A will give a keynote presentation on the OE-A Roadmap for Organic and Printed Electronics. OE-A members are invited to this event free of charge (registration will be handled by OE-A).
FPE China
During October 25-27, 2017 the ‘Printed and Flexible Electronics China’ (FPE China) will take place in Suzhou (Shanghai area), China. OE-A members are offered to present on October 27 (limited spots available). The OE-A will give a keynote presentation about organic and printed electronics. 
OE-A's activities in Asia are an integral part of the international network that enhances the interaction between leading global member companies and institutes. In addition, the OE-A conducts frequent roundtables and working group meetings, for its members in Asia to advance the emerging industry of organic and printed electronics in Asia as well as worldwide. The OE-A is furthermore in close contact with local networks and associations and cooperates on tradeshows and conferences in Asia.
For registration or more information, please contact daria.firlus@oe-a.org
Verstraelen, Sophie Isabel
Verstraelen, Sophie Isabel