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Organic and Printed Electronics in Europe

The OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) headquarters is based in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Its mission is to provide excellent service to our international members, informing the public and representing the OE-A at industry events such as trade fairs and conferences. The OE-A headquarters in Europe is in close contact with national and regional funding agencies and governments; informs and supports them when defining funding programs to leverage the emerging industry of Organic Electronics and Printed Electronics in Europe.

Strengthen Synergies: OE-A in the framework of VDMA

The OE-A is a working group within VDMA. OE-A is assigned to the VDMA sector association EMINT (Electronics, Micro and Nano Technologies), which leverages synergies between the sectors groups Productronic (Electronics Production) and Micro Technologies. The OE-A is also in close cooperation with the VDMA Working Group Photovoltaic Equipment as well as with the Industry Group Battery Production. These groups and partner associations provide sector-specific expertise to their member companies, many of which are business partners to the Organic and Printed Electronics industry. Our internal network also provides us with excellent contacts to the printing & packaging as well as plastics and paper equipment industries.

is one of the key industry associations in Europe and offers the largest engineering industry network in Europe. With more than 3,100 member companies, predominantly small and medium-sized enterprises, VDMA represents 38 fields throughout the entire investment goods industry -- from the classical machinery sector to high-tech fields like robotics and automation. VDMA is located in Frankfurt, Germany, with branch offices in Berlin, Brussels, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Moscow, São Paulo and India.

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Dr. Klaus Hecker
Managing Director OE-A
T.: (+49 69) 6603 1336

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