OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) Hybrid Systems

Hybrid Electronic Systems

The OE-A Working Group Hybrid Electronic Systems is aimed at bringing together companies, research centres and universities dealing with hybrid systems. Hybrid systems mean combining printed and flexible electronics with classical silicon components which enables a bigger range of new applications.

The goals of the Working Group Hybrid Systems are to…

- provide transparency of current technologies and solutions.
- provide a networking platform to find partners.
- identify future topics interactively.
- support and update OE-A Roadmap for Organic and Printed Electronics.

If you are interested in joining the Working Group Hybrid Systems please contact:
Dr. Robert Lindner, OE-A: robert.lindner@oe-a.org 
Dr. Ralf Zichner, Fraunhofer ENAS: ralf.zichner@enas.fraunhofer.de
Corné Rentrop, Holst Centre/TNO; corne.rentrop@tno.nl

The Working Group Hybrid Systems meets regularly along the European OE-A Working Group Meetings. Please find the dates here.


Source of the image: Holst Centre